About Me

If you’ve read my book then you’ve already seen the basics, I live in L.A. with my husband and our daughter. We have a Boston Terrier puppy (he’s two, but he’s not my first Boston and I know that their puppy phase is looooong and often frustrating. Still the best breed, IMO) and three backyard chickens that are all named after types of fried chicken. Our menagerie also includes a tank of fresh water shrimp and soon we’ll be adding a dart frog, which my daughter plans to name after herself. 

I am passionate about telling the stories of women starting over and making their way in the world. When I was writing Everything Old I was often asked what made me qualified to tell this story. In 2012, I walked away from the life I knew because I understood that it was no longer the life that was meant for me. In the decade since, I have come to create a beautiful life in a city I love surrounded by people who get me. But at the time I was walking through it, I felt so alone. So, I write for those people who, like me, have ever felt alone in the world – whether they’re still in it or they’ve come out the other side

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I grew up in Las Vegas, NV
  • I have a Backstreet Boys tattoo on my hip (which I got at age 26 as a fully informed adult)
  • I am the oldest child of two siblings
  • I went to college in Lakewood, CO, and as a CO resident for 7 years, I never once went skiing
  • I am learning to speak Italian (ciao!)