Everything Old

When Molly Walton packs up her life in Ohio to start over again in London, she’s not sure the kind of happy life she’s always dreamed of (the kind her sister has had forever) is possible for her. But Molly is determined to succeed, to show not only her friends and family back home but to prove to herself that she can stand on her own two feet.
Her work as an activities director at a nursing home is familiar, the kind of work she can do in her sleep. But not everything in her new life is easy. It’s a lot harder to make friends as an adult than anyone tells you and after a complicated situation arises with a male coworker, Molly feels hesitant to think that she will ever make friends in her new life. That is until she meets Mrs. Wang, her seventy-year-old neighbor who only speaks Chinese and the two women quickly become inseparable. Between Mrs. Wang and the friendship she develops with Linda and Jane, two of the home’s residents, everything finally starts to feel like it is falling into place. Especially after Molly meets Sam, Linda’s handsome grandson who just happens to be one of England’s most eligible bachelors.
When she learns that some reminders of her old life are coming to London for a visit, Molly calls Sam and asks for his help to pull off a con. But after finding herself on the cover of the tabloids, Molly sets into motion a series of events that change her life forever as she learns the value of independence, friendship, and creating the life she never knew that she needed.